About Me

Hey, thanks for checking out the site, for those of you interested in who I am I thought I would share my personal story of how I leveraged writing techniques to get my cover letter noticed by hiring managers.

Starting a cover letter

How to start a cover letter

My name is Brett Sanders and I graduated in 2006 from Illinois State university.  I was just an average student, who basically just did enough to pass classes so I could get that coveted degree.  I was always told that I HAD to get that degree in order to get a good job.  While a degree is important, I quickly found out that without some inside knowledge of the hiring process, you become an average Joe, with a degree, and no experience.  After applying for several “dream” jobs, and getting glossed over like I was a second class citizen, I decided I needed to educate myself on the process of starting a cover letter.  This epiphany turned into a life changing event for me.

After I stumbled upon some internet ebooks that taught some unconventional techniques, I threw away all of the sample cover letters that I had collected, and started to get the attention of hiring managers in ways that I never dreamed.  Hopefully I can pass on some of the life lessons that i’ve learned in my early career so my readers can get over that hump of starting a cover letter, and get the attention of those hiring managers and turn that cover letter into a cover letter for a job!

God Bless,